Nobody can be wondered with betting today. It has become a crucial part of life for millions of sports fans. Although many disciplines may be beneficial, football is worth paying special attention to. Let’s figure out the basics of such a game.

A little about origin of football

Actually, football originated more than a hundred years ago in the USA, deriving from English rugby. It’s a ball game played by two teams, where the attacking crew tries to carry the ball, either by passing to the end zone and thus scoring points. The aim of the opposite one is to prevent forwarding to the end zone.
The points are calculated depending on the football betting styling; if the team just kicks the ball between the opposing crew’s sticks, not so many points will be obtained. As a result, the winner is the football team with the highest score after 60 minutes of play.

The basics of football game

Indeed, in the discipline the team has 11 athletes performing, thus 45 interchangeable participants on each crew are represented.

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Usually athletes are often departed into different categories: offense and defense.
All the participants are determined by what tactics they decide to set up.
While talking about this American game, don’t forget that the quarterback is the essential position. The athlete is the one who makes all the offensive decisions for the whole team, as he or she maintains direct dialogue with the coach, calls the plays for the rest of the crew and decides when to fling open the ball.
Also here are two types of footballers in offensing model: the receivers, who run around the field without the ball, waiting for the quarterback’s pass, and the running backs, who wait for the quarterback to give them the ball trying to penetrate the opposing defense with the objective of gaining as many yards as possible.

Tips what to pay attention while football match

Sometimes it’s quite hard to keep an eye on a football game. In order to get profit and be in the course of events, mention these aspects:
When a footballer throws the ball into the opposing team’s end zone, located at each end of the field, it’s stated to be a touchdown or try.
So 6 points are got and 1 extra point may be too.
The extra point consists of passing the ball through the goalpost by means of a kick. 1 point is added to the attacking crew.
The 2-point conversion consists of trying to get the ball back into the end zone in one play, either by running or passing. In such a case two points are scored.
A game lasts a total of 60 minutes, divided into four halves.
On one possession, each crew has 4 attempts to advance 10 yards (9.1 m) forward. If on the second attempt a total of 15 yards from the initial point, the team has 4 more attempts with 10 yards to go and still have the ball. If a team tries to gain those 10 yards on the fourth down (even if it is only 2 yards short) and fails, the opponent will start the next play at the spot where that play was made.
A down or attempt refers to the time in which a play is completed. It begins with a pass or kickoff and ends when the player in possession of the ball touches the ground with any part of his body (except hands and feet).

What about football betting?

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On terms of football betting, it is one of the widely spread sports championships and its odds are some of the most profitable. That’s why gamesters can find lots of bookmakers’ offers to gamble. Although there are many types of bets, for beginners it’s better to start with the common ones.

The main types of football bets

Not to waste time, here we will try to describe all the necessary data to count on while betting on football. There are such bets:

  • on the point line or the handicap line; This is a betting line where the favorite crew is conditioned to win the game by a scoreline and the underdog one is given the specified beforehand point advantage.
  • on the money line;
    With this type of sports bet your selection does not have to cover a scoring advantage, it is enough just to win the game. This type of football betting is ideal to start with, as you just need to know how the teams usually perform and select the winner on your own.
    Here the payout of the stake depends on the average of the choice.
  • on the over (high) or the under (low) totals;
    This is a bet where the total points between the two crews is added up in the final score.
    As in everything, there are games more interesting than others, while some seem not to have been played till the end. There are some matches, where athletes do not stop scoring, but you may get on the ‘empty’ ones. However, if you puzzle out the points, total gambling will lead you to success.
    Also remember to constantly check the odds and place the bets with caution, as the odds vary as the game gets closer.
    on the parlays.
    Of course this type of bet is a ‘must have’ in football, and as many already know, making a selection of 2 or more games highly increases the chances of winning, but it’s essential to understand that this stake can be victorious only if you hit on both predictions.

To sum up: what to be aware of before football betting?

No gain may be obtained without good preparation. If you are a new fresher it’s obligatory to study hard all the details of the game’s rules and examine the types of offers given by bookmakers. Don’t be afraid of trying, just bet and win.